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Board of Directors On-Line Meeting October 22, 2015

This meeting is scheduled to be opened at 7:30 pm on October 22, 2015 by President Phyllis Cavanaugh. It is an open meeting under the Association rules and state law. All members are invited to attend, and may comment on the proceedings at specified times. It will be conducted via the comment section below.

The agenda below contains a number of items, which for efficiency may be handled more than one at a time at the President’s discretion. After one or more items are opened and motions are made, a period of discussion by Board members will follow. Then the President will open discussion to all members who wish to comment, after which she will call for a vote by Board members on any pending motion.

On the meeting page you will need to refresh the page to see what comments have been added since the last time you reloaded or refreshed the page. If you “Reply” to a comment, your response will be shown under the comment you replied to. To append a “top level” comment at the end of the list of comments, go to the bottom of the page and enter it in the comment box there. Be sure to include your name as anonymous comments will be deleted. Finally, all participants are reminded that this forum is unmoderated at present, so members are expected to observe the same rules and courtesy they would follow at a live in-person meeting.

Documents relevant to the meeting include the updated draft 2016 budget,  the updated Treasurer ‘s report, the Road Committee report, the 2016 Road maintenance contract, and the Lot 28 ARR.


  • Open the meeting (Cavanaugh)
  • Treasurer’s Report and draft budget for 2016 (Crouch)
  • Discuss the reserve fund with the intent to set a reasonable limit to the amount that is needed to be available for road emergencies. (Cavanaugh)
  • Discuss the option of reducing or eliminating dues for one year by using any excess funds that may available. (Cavanaugh)
  • Architectural Review Committee: Lot 28 ARR (Levin)
  • Windmill Committee Report (Brown)
  • Road Committee Report (Crouch)
  • Secretary’s Report (Levin)
  • Adjournment

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Board of Directors On-Line Meeting May 15, 2015

This on-line meeting of the board of directors is being called to discuss one item: a request by the Road Committee for funds to complete repair work started last month. Information relevant to that work including estimates will be provided here and on the HLRPOA website.

The meeting will be conducted via the comments below this note, beginning at 8:00am Friday, May 15 and continuing until the meeting has concluded its business. The meeting is primarily for members of the Board, but is open to all members to follow here. Relevant comments from association members are also welcome, as long as the primary purpose of the meeting is not forgotten.

Update 5/22/15: The meeting is adjourned.  Comments are closed.