Board of Directors On-Line Meeting May 15, 2015

This on-line meeting of the board of directors is being called to discuss one item: a request by the Road Committee for funds to complete repair work started last month. Information relevant to that work including estimates will be provided here and on the HLRPOA website.

The meeting will be conducted via the comments below this note, beginning at 8:00am Friday, May 15 and continuing until the meeting has concluded its business. The meeting is primarily for members of the Board, but is open to all members to follow here. Relevant comments from association members are also welcome, as long as the primary purpose of the meeting is not forgotten.

Update 5/22/15: The meeting is adjourned.  Comments are closed.

25 thoughts on “Board of Directors On-Line Meeting May 15, 2015

  1. The road improvement projects went together smoothly. There is, however, more work required to be sure they are in a condition to withstand the rains.
    To do this work the road committee respectfully requests approval for enough funds to cover the following:
    18 ton (one dump truck load) of rock $360.00 plus delivery $30 and tax
    4 – ¾” paddle bits $40.00 plus tax
    10 – 4 ½” angle grinder cut off wheels $25.00 plus tax
    1 – 100’ x 48” roll heavy duty fence wire $140.00 plus tax
    40 hours labor x 2 workers $800.00
    For a total of approximately $1,500. There is currently $7,078.81 in the road repair fund with an additional $2,500 going in on June 1 per the allotted amount agreed upon within this year’s budget.
    We would also like to request the board reach out to the property owners and see if anyone has a generator they can loan us to operate the drill and angle grinder.

    I will be gone most of the day and will check in as soon as I get home this evening.

  2. Greetings,

    I move to approve up to$2000 for completion of the road repair projects as listed above. Do I have a second? Then discussion can begin.

  3. Ok, we have a motion and a second. We also have a quorum as Joel, Margaret, Louise, myself and Adele are all present.
    We can now begin any discussion.
    Adele, is abstaining since she is on the committee but can answer questions.
    I spoke to Keith Stanford (also on the committee) and he explained that it would be important to complete the projects prior to the summer rains to see how things hold up. That will help determine any future projects.
    Any comments from the board members.

    1. I agree that finishing what was started before monsoon is important. One question: can someone list the locations of the test areas that are finished and those that still require further work, with sufficient information that I could find them by driving out on the ranch? (I know this may be difficult).

      1. Not too difficult Joel. From the jail entrance drive south on High Lonesome. you will see them all on the left side of the road between Lot 111 and Stirrup Lane.

  4. I will be available off and on throughout today to answer questions. I will be gone most of the day tomorrow.

  5. Hi,
    Let’s leave the forum open for board member comments for 24 hours – that would be until tomorrow morning around 8:00 am. Then it will be open for 48 hours for community member comments.
    Board members, please refrain from discussion during community member time unless there is a specific question. If there is a question and it is not directed to anyone in particular, I will ask a board member to answer the question. This will help keep the meeting organized. Thanks for your participation!

  6. I will be gone until later this afternoon. I’ll check in when I get home to see if anyone has asked me any questions.

  7. Today I drove up High Lonesome, and was impressed with the work that I saw. I think we should complete these test repairs soon. I would like to see two things this monsoon: how effectively do the new blockades control the water, and if they are, what the water does when a lot of it encounters these blockades.

    I favor allocating the requested funds from the Road Committee account.

  8. Hi All,

    We have a motion for approval of up to $2000 for completion of road repairs on High Lonesome and we have a second. Board members, please vote yea or nay.
    I vote to approve the motion.

  9. Hi All,
    I’ve given it some thought and I want to go on record that I do not believe that Adele should be abstaining from voting on road matters. Even though she is on the committee, all of us are, and we need her vote.
    I think abstaining should be reserved for when a person has a bias that would effect them personally.
    If Adele feels strongly that she should abstain, that is her decision, but I would like to hear if any other board member feels that way as well. I think she should vote.
    We need her opinion to be heard. Just because the committee decided on something does not mean that Adele agreed. I realize that we already have a quorum, but I do not want to set a precedent of having Adele abstain from voting on road matters.

  10. I do not believe Adele should be abstaining from voting on road matters.
    My opinion is a board member should abstain on a personal matter and this is not.
    So yes, I think she should vote.

  11. Thank you, Joel. The motion passes.
    The meeting is closed at 6:45 on Friday, May 22, 2015.

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