Board of Directors On-Line Meeting April 25, 2016

This on-line meeting, scheduled for 5:00 pm on April 25, 2016, is to discuss and take action on matters relating to the bank accounts belonging to the Association, in particular which board members will be signatories on the bank account, and whether or not Ms. Connie Grady, our bookkeeper should be listed as a signatory on the account.

The meeting will be conducted via the comments section below.  This meeting is an open meeting as defined by our Bylaws and Arizona state law.  Therefore, while the meeting is primarily for members of the Board to conduct its business, it is open to all members to follow  Relevant comments from association members are also welcome.

247 thoughts on “Board of Directors On-Line Meeting April 25, 2016

  1. Greetings! The meeting is called to order.

    We need a quorum of the board to proceed, so, board members, please let us know you are here. Jessamyn is teaching a class and will jump in when she gets home around 9 pm. There will be plenty of time for a vote after she gets involved, so there is no rush.
    There is only one agenda item as we need this vote prior to opening our new bank account.

    After a motion and a second, but before any voting, property owners are encouraged to express their opinions. I’ll open the meeting up for comments at that time. Thanks for participating!

  2. Great! We have a quorum. Do any board members want to express an opinion or a motion? I

  3. Yes, thank you Phyllis. After giving this a great amount of thought, my opinion is we the BOD should be the only one writing checks then forward that info on to our bookkeeper, Connie to keep the records. Only my thought.

  4. I move that we establish our bank accounts to require that all checks be signed by two members of the board of directors.

    Certainly this motion is subject to amendments; for instance that a single signature is required for checks of $25.00 or less (say), or that our bookkeeper Ms. Brady can also be a signer. But for starters, the above is a simple motion and the basis for lots of possible discussion.

  5. Thanks Margaret!

    Do you prefer all the “officers” as signators or just two? Do you think it should be two signers each check?
    Usually, the Member-at-Large is not a signer.

    1. My recollection is that all members were signers. I think I was the member at large my first partial term, and I signed a card.

  6. I believe all officers listed below should be signators and yes two signers per check.

    President: Phyllis Cavanaugh
    Vice President: Joel Levin
    Treasurer: Margaret Baxter
    Secretary: Jessamyn Luna

  7. My view is that we should go with the motion as posted (I would accept an amendment to change BoD members to officers). Having heard other discussion on the subject I have come to the conclusion that signers should all be Board members and no one else.

  8. Thanks Margaret. I like the idea of two signers, even for the small checks. We don’t write that many. I think it would be fine for all members and not just officers – it must always be the Treasurer that is one signer , but that is in our bylaws anyways.

  9. Let’s open it up for comments from the property owners and then see if Jessamyn has any ideas when she checks in. Paul may be joining later too.

    We have a motion and a second. Comments?

  10. I think this is the right decision, keep check writing authority control with the HLR Board. One point of clarification when you say “I think it would be fine for all members and not just officers” you should clarify by saying Board Members as it could be understood that you mean members of the HLR.

  11. All board members should be on the signature card. Plus the book keeper.

    Checks over $100 need the signature of two members.

    The book keeper should be able to write checks $100 and under with email permission from the president or treasurer.

  12. Hi All, Just one concern that I want to address. It has been motioned that all BOD members can sign checks with the exception of the Member at Large. That is fine, however the Treasurer must always be the primary signer. It is the Treasurer that insures proper procedures are being followed when checks are written against HOA funds. It is the Treasurer that communicates with the bookkeeper and visa/versa. Bottom line the Treasurer holds ultimate control and responsibility for HOA funds so that individual needs to maintain control by insuring that they are the principal signer on all checks issued by the association.

    1. Phyllis I should have read all of the comments all the way through before posing. You discussed this in one of your posts.
      I forgot that the bylaws cover the treasurer having to be the primary signer.

  13. I agree with this current decision to have the checks controlled by HLR board members.

  14. Thank you to all for the comments. I think I will call for a vote on the motion after 9 pm so more can sign in.

    I like Jim Browning’s idea down the line, but for now, I like the motion as is. Two signatures, one is the Treasurer. all board members.

  15. Just to clarify, the motion need not include the requirement that the Treasurer is a signer since it is already in our bylaws. This is just to establish signers.

  16. The bylaws are a little contradictory: “The treasurer shall do-sign all checks and promissory notes of the Association” — and “The Treasurer and President may in writing delegate to a professional management company the authority to execute checks for ordinary and necessary operating expenses” — and “Capital expenses shall require the signatures of the Treasurer and President”.

    Now I would agree that the last two don’t apply to this situation – the bookkeeper herself is not a “professional management company” – but that’s the official story, from the Bylaws 8.8.D.

  17. Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the delay, I teach until 8 and of course on the nights I have something to do, there are always a ton of student questions.

    I have read through all the previous comments, and I agree with Margaret et. al that board members should be signing checks.

    Thanks for your patience!


  18. Thanks Jessamyn!

    We have a motion by Joel Levin: I move that we establish our bank accounts to require that all checks be signed by two members of the board of directors.
    It was seconded by myself.
    Let’s vote: I vote yes.

  19. Thanks, and Good Morning!
    The meeting is now closed with a unanimous decision to approve the motion.

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