Board of Directors On-Line Meeting September 3, 2015

An on-line Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 3, 2015 starting after 6:00 pm, using the comment section of this meeting page.  The sole purpose of the meeting is to consider for approval the Ranch’s insurance policy and disbursement of funds for its renewal.  You may review the premium quotation, the policy highlights and the renewal application at the HLRPOA web site front page where this meeting is announced.  This is an open meeting, and all members are invited to join the on-line meeting here and provide comments at the appropriate times.

The Comments are closed; this meeting has been adjourned.

24 thoughts on “Board of Directors On-Line Meeting September 3, 2015

  1. I have reviewed the policy. While doing so, I found some incorrect information on the following pages: page 3 III, page 5 H, and page 9. I called the company and made the changes per their instructions. The renewal policy appears to have all the same coverage we have had in the past. They no longer offer a 3 year policy, so this is for one year. The cost is $2,143 and we had $2,484 budgeted to cover this.
    CAU has a new “optional Volunteer Accident Insurance” which has also been offered along with our renewal. It covers any property owner doing volunteer work at the behest of the HOA. Example: If a member of the windmill committee or the BOD askes Mark if he would have time to bush hog the common area, he does it and gets injured, we are covered for his medical up to $25,000. Or is a member of the road committee or the BOD asks Carl to do a quick fix on the wash, same coverage. The cost of this policy is $300. If we opt into the Volunteer Accident Insurance, the total cost for all would be $2,443 which is $43 under the budgeted amount.
    Therefore, there are two things to discuss: renewal of the regular policy and whether or not to opt into the Volunteer Accident Insurance.

  2. Hi All!
    Sorry I was a bit late to the meeting! Can we call for a quorum? Who is here? When we have a quorum, we can begin the meeting.


  3. While I’m here I’ll say that the information received from Adele looks fine to me, and when we have a quorum and a motion on the table I expect I will be in favor of adding the volunteer option.

  4. I’m here again. Sorry, I had to put medicine in my eyes and then my vision is blurry for several hours.

  5. I’ll make a motion we approve the renewal application and add the volunteer insurance to our policy.

  6. I will second that. Now discussion. The one question I have is whether or not there already some coverage for any volunteers in the basic plan. I do believe there is. I called the insurance company about that issue about 2 years ago and remember there was coverage but not $25,000. Also, it only kicked in after the volunteers own health insurance was exhausted. Is that the case here too? Adele, would you have time to check on that this am? I am pretty busy until about 4 pm. Maybe Joel?

  7. I’ll call and see about it. The person I speak with is in Scottsdale, so she won’t be in the office for about another hour and a half. Will come back and answer you as soon as I speak with her.

  8. I went to the policies real quick to see if there was an answer there. Our regular policy covers “independent contractors”, but not volunteers. The volunteer policy says: Accident medical Expense Benefits include eligible medical expenses that are in excess of amounts paid by any other Health Care Plan, including individual, group medical or health benefit plans the covered volunteer may have, up to $25,00 per accident per volunteer. Does that answer your question Phyllis? Or do you want me to call and verify?

  9. Our regular policy does not cover volunteers. As with a lot of extra insurance policies, the volunteer policy is a “secondary” and pays any over and above expenses not covered by the primary of the volunteer. Is that what you wanted to know Phyllis.

  10. Yes, thank you Adele,

    I agree with Joel that coverage for volunteers would be a benefit. Let’s open the discussion up to any interested property owner’s for comment. We have a motion and a second on the table. We can vote on it tomorrow afternoon after giving any one else a chance to comment or ask a question.

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