Board of Directors On-Line Meeting July 10, 2015

[This meeting is now closed.]


This on-line meeting of the board of directors is being called to discuss  two Architecture Review Requests presented by the Architecture Review Committee to the Board of Directors.  The ARRs are posted on the HLRPOA web site.

The meeting will be conducted via the comments below this note, beginning at 8:00am Friday July 10, and continuing until the meeting has concluded its business, which is expected to be by the end of Monday, July 13. The meeting is primarily for members of the Board, but is open to all members to follow here. All relevant comments from association members are welcome once the president has invited them.

16 thoughts on “Board of Directors On-Line Meeting July 10, 2015

  1. Greetings!

    Welcome to our on-line meeting to discuss two ARRs. They are posted on the website for your review.

    At this time, I am asking a board member for a motion and a second. Then any discussion with follow.

    Community members, please refrain from comments until we have a motion and a second, then we will open the meeting for comments from the community.

    Thank you!

  2. I make a motion we accept the Stanford ARR as presented. I must abstain from the Crouch ARR.

  3. I move to accept the Stanford ARR as submitted. Is there a second for this? Once/if we get a second, I feel we can discuss the two ARRs at the same time if necessary.

  4. Sorry, Adele,

    I mis-read your motion. I remove my motion for Stanford and add a second for the Stanford and Crouch motions.

  5. Board,
    We have two motions and two seconds.

    Are there any comments regarding either ARR? I am leaving this open for discussion by the board members until this evening when I will open the discussion to community members.

    Board members, please wait until I call for a vote to submit your vote. Thank you.

  6. I have reviewed the Stanford ARR. I see nothing that does not comply with the CCR’s. It all looks good. I have no questions for Mr. Stanford.

  7. Thank you!

    This meeting is now open for any comments from community members before the board votes on the motions. Does anyone have any comments regarding the ARRs?

    I will leave this open until tomorrow evening when I will call for a vote.

  8. I would also add that I have no problems with the ARRs themselves (not surprising since the ARC recommended them unanimously).

  9. Hi All,

    We have a motion for approval and a second for each arr. I am now asking for a vote from the board. I vote yes for both.


  10. Thank you! This adjourns the on-line meeting regarding the Crouch and Stanford ARRs which were both unanimously approved.

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