Nominations and Elections Committee On-line Meeting 2/9/15 – 2/17/15: over

Meeting Started: February 9, 5:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned: February 17, 11:00pm

This is a call for an open on-line meeting of the HLRPOA Nominations and Elections Committee.  The meeting will be conducted via comments added to this posted call; nothing posted before the meeting start time will be considered an official part of the meeting, and the meeting will conclude when the committee reach consensus that the business of the meeting is complete.

Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to:

  • potential nominees to be canvassed
  • content of ballots
  • printing and mailing of ballots
  • date for next meeting

Anonymous comments are not permitted.

11 thoughts on “Nominations and Elections Committee On-line Meeting 2/9/15 – 2/17/15: over

  1. Committee members:

    It’s after 5pm, so I’ll declare this on-line meeting open and request you to check in here with any comments, suggestions, information, criticism, etc.

    The first question I have is if any of you know someone in the Association who would like to be on the board or who might be successfully encouraged to run. Wolf, I hereby encourage you – I don’t remember if you said anything one way or the other about what you planned to do.

    The second question is what to do about getting the ballots out, which I think can be done Thursday or Friday evening. This won’t take too long if there are at least two or three people to help; but if I end up doing it all myself I can live with that too, since it’s my fault we’re doing this so late. I expect to circulate draft ballots for suggest and approval in advance of the mailing. Printing copies once it is set will go quickly.

    We are also going to include another ballot for a new attempt to accept the revised Articles of Incorporation. I expect to include a copy of Phyllis’s statement about the importance of doing this and the importance of property owners voting on it.

    After the ballots go out we should have a quick meeting to organize what we have to do at the actual annual meeting with respect to checking off ballots and counting them.

    I’ll also say that while this is an open meeting and anyone can see the transcript of the meeting (in other words, these comments), if someone wants to discuss something more discreetly, such as for example, some personal information about a possible candidate, the members should do that in email (and a simple notation here that we did that); that would be roughly equivalent to an executive session.

    I’m going to send email to let you all know that this comment is here.

    Regards / Joel Levin

  2. I will make the copies of the ballots for you. You should be able to put the vote regarding the Articles on the same ballot as the votes for BOD. I would also like to encourage Wolf to run.

  3. Greeting Joel,

    I would be happy to help with the mailing and I will see if Alisa and Phyllis would also be available to help. I have been coerced (by the missus) to run and encouraged by the prospect that I could retire early if circumstances allowed for it. I don’t really see that as a possibility I will actually carry out however but, you never know what the future holds. Consider that my hat is in the ring. I’ll get my resume to you post haste and will see what Alisa has to say about the rest of it and will let you know. Wolf

  4. Wolf, that’s great. (Thanks, Moonstar!) We have three candidates for the two spots; at least one more would be nice.

    Saturday for the envelope stuffing seems good to me. Meanwhile I’ll draft the ballots and notices and post them somewhere (I think I can include them here) for everyone to check out.

    1. Everything is ready for the stuffing. I have put the labels on the outer envelope and the return address stamp, “BALLOT” stamp, and send to address labels on the small envelopes. I also folded the budget inserts for you.

  5. I am now preparing the ballots; the order of candidates appearing was determined by a random draw. One sheet will be two ballots (to be separated at counting time by cutting along a dotted line), one for the board, and one for the Articles. A second two-sided sheet will contain statements by candidates and another by Phyllis urging POs to vote on the Articles. I now have all the envelopes as well as Adele’s copier on loan.

  6. The ballots are done and Barb will again take care of the ballot box for the duration of this election. If there is no objection I’ll declare this ‘meeting’ adjourned this evening.

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