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Here is a post I’m establishing to see if HLRPOA members can or will carry out a conversation in the comments section.  Have at it, please!

Joel B Levin, Secretary HLRPOA BoD


13 thoughts on “Talking about this meeting blog

  1. Here is the first comment, which I am leaving without being logged in.
    Regards / JBL Lot 10

    1. Great idea! I think it will help those who live off the ranch, or who otherwise can’t attend meetings. Thanks, Joel and BOD!

      Alisa Cook
      lots 13 and 20b

  2. Also, comments are unmoderated; if circumstances require me to modify that policy I will, but in the most open form available to me.

    Regards / JBL

    1. Sounds like it might work but I’m a little confused. So, all comments will be in real time? And the Pres, or Secty, etc., as they talk, it will be posted and then we just hit “reply” and our question/answer and it will appear and others can hit reply to the same subject. I’m not a facebook person, so not sure of all the ins and outs. Thanks.

      1. That’s right. As it is now configured, you can hit reply and your answer will appear under the comment you replied to, or you can enter a new comment at the bottom of the page; when you click “Post Comment” it will appear on the page for everyone to see. So it can be very conversational on the one hand; on the other, if you only check it once in the evening, you can see what everyone has said since the last time, make comments, and exit the page. (A typical meeting would run at minimum two or three days to give everyone a chance.) So it’s easy to use in any way that suits your style or your time.

  3. I love the concept – I love that you do not have to create an account or login or other added stuff.

    However, as with any meeting format, the overall success will be based solely on participation by specific individuals and should not be “anonymous” at any level. Catchy on-line screen names are not sufficient, nor are “nicknames” known only to those persons who are “friends” or are well acquainted.

    I, for one, think that this may be something that will allow participation by those of us living regularly at a distance.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Joel.

    nance ceccarelli and paul mccawley

    1. Right. It’s an open meeting like one of our board meetings. Anyone who speaks there is expected to be an Association member and to identify himself or herself. Likewise, any participant in one of our open on-line meetings is expected to do the same, and I am therefore likely to delete anonymous comments.

  4. I have been checking this blog for any highlights or decisions from the last BOD meeting, such as whose Board positions are up for vote and who has been nominated, as well as other Association business, but have not seen anything. Am I missing what this blog is for? I was under the impression that the FB HLR Information site was also to provide Association information, but it does very little of that. No everyone likes using FB.

    1. Russ, this was never intended to be a blog in the usual sense of the word; I found that (perhaps) the easiest way I could find to build what I wanted was to appropriate some available blogging software and apply it to the idea of an on-line meeting. While I could begin posting items of interest as blog entries for comment, I hadn’t planned on it. What I was going to do was, when someone wanted to hold an on-line open meeting, create a meeting post, email everyone the URL for it, and allow members to hold the meeting in the comments section. Does that make sense?

      1. Thanks Joel for the clarification. It makes sense to be able to have a method of communication for a virtual meeting. I wonder if it would be possible to broadcast an audio-video feed from meetings so non-residents could see a Board meeting in progress? Combined with this website, viewers could add a comment about an agenda item.

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